Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"I'm leaving the country for over a year..."

Those are words that make me jealous!

A guy just called CI to cancel his sponsorship because he is traveling around Europe for over a year.

Man! That sounds so awesome! I wish I could drop everything and do that!


It just so happens, I'm stuck behind a desk from 12:45 till 9:15 every weekday! I feel like I'm missing the best part of the day... probably because I'm positive that I AM missing the best part of the day! Geez!

I guess it's good that I'm not dropping a child that I'm sponsoring, though.

Man! That guy sucks!


"It's not California here!"


Josh said...

I hope you stay here for a little while at least, it's good having you here.

Can't wait until you upload some more illustrations... they are totally ballin'.

Arissa said...

You write very well.