Monday, August 20, 2007

We're all stuck out in the desert...

I don't feel well today for some reason. I hope I'm not getting sick. This sucks.

Good news is that my work isn't counting my absence (due to Heather's surgery) on Friday an occurrence! So that's pretty cool that they are cutting me some slack there. I like the people I work with.

Heather is doing well and she got baptized yesterday. That was a neat thing to see and be a part of. Her mom came into town. She's a lot of fun for sure.

I saw the movie "The Invasion" with Josh D on Friday. It was pretty lame. We had fun anyway, though.

I sold my amp... which is both sad and awesome! It's good to have the money for sure. I need it. But I'm really gonna miss that thing. It brought me some good times! Siiiiigh.

I started watching the show "Lost" last night. My roommate has seasons 1 and 2 on DVD. So far I've watched 3 episodes... and (as much as I hate admitting it) I am hooked! People told me from the beginning that I should watch it. I didn't wanna join the craze. I really don't watch TV necessarily and I didn't wanna get hooked into some show. I feel like when you watch a show like that religiously, it becomes less of an enjoyment and more of an obligation at some point. I find myself getting annoyed that my favorite show is on tonight, and I HAVE to watch it. ugh!
Either way, this show is great! I'm hooked. Dang!

"...and we're gonna die."

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Josh said...

good. now u can watch lost with me when i comes back on in february. keep watching, u have a lot of catching up to do.