Monday, August 27, 2007

Worlds of fun at the zoo!

So, we didn't go to Worlds of Fun on Saturday afterall. But we had worlds of fun anyway!!

Woke up Saturday morning and Josh and Heather came over. We (me, John, Heather and Josh) went to Succotash and had another killer breakfast. It was John's first time to eat there and, if you know John, you know that he doesn't hide his excitement. He loved it!

After a glorious breakfast we hit up the zoo!

We were a little wary when a lady came out angry exclaiming, "It 'aint worth it!"
But that lady didn't have the same experience as us! No sir! Not at all!

We saw tons of animals and had a blast!

John had a SpongeBob popsicle;
Heather bought a souvenir cup (with $1.50 refills!) and a stuffed koala for me;
I got her a ringpop that tasted like tang;
Josh enjoyed wearing jeans and a black t-shirt in hot weather;
and I bonded with an orangutan!

You should have seen it! It was really special how we interacted with each other. I think we will probably always be friends. Even if we don't see each other ever again, I'm positive the memories will live on in our minds forever.

After the zoo, we went back to my apartment and played some video games. Then, we went to eat at Chili's and Ashley joined the group. We went to see the movie "Superbad" and it made "American Pie" seem like a G-rated film. Crazy what they can get away with nowadays. It was definitely entertaining, but I felt like I needed a shower afterward. I'm not sure I would recommend it to anyone, that's for sure.

Had a good weekend.

Saw the movie "Once" last night and LOVED it! I highly recommend it.

Even if you don't see the movie, please buy the soundtrack! It's unbelievable. If you enjoy Damien Rice, you will adore the music from this film. Beautiful!

Now, it's another week of crappy work hours. Just three more hours and I'm off! Ugh!

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