Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Last Single Blog.

This is my last blog as a single man.


I leave tomorrow to go back to Texas. My wedding is Saturday.

I created this blog almost a year ago, I guess.
A lot has happened in that year.

I have grown up a lot.
And I'm happier than I have ever been.
Happily in love with the girl I'm gonna marry...

Heather Lauren Garth...

Soon to be Heather Lauren Hale...


You spend your whole life looking for the one you will marry. You go through a lot of heartache. A lot of pain.
There are a lot of exciting times. Sometimes your heart races. Sometimes you get rejected. Sometimes you find something special.

You grow.

You look for that person who will help make it easier to wake up in the morning, just knowing you might see them.

You learn a lot. About yourself. About life.

Then, maybe you find that person that God has predestined you to be with.

And you grow. Together.
And separately.

You wait your whole life for this day.

It's 3 days away...


Heather said...

man, life with you is gonna be awesome!

Josh said...

awhhh cute. well said you big sap. i love it.

Amanda said...

i just learned how to leave comments. awwwwwwww. that's so cute... that i just learned how to leave comments. sigh.

you're getting married?

Anonymous said...

It got to happen I run into your blog.
Is so GREAT that ONE of the most AMAZING friends I had ever had is going to marry a guy like you.. so way to GO! MAN

P.S A have a special give for both of you... hope you like it and get to use it in Hawaii!!! well definitely is something PG13 : )


Mary Beth said...

you are so sweet.