Friday, January 2, 2009

Let's Get Crispy, Morton!'s Best Movies of 2008!

So, I still haven't seen The Wrestler, Synecdoche, New York, Man On Wire, The Visitor, or Let The Right One In, so my top 5 might seem ridiculous to some of you who have seen these movies.

I never had time to see the ones I know I will love, but the year already ended and I need to post my favorites that I have seen.
Here they are, in order:

#5 - Burn After Reading

#4 - Doubt

#3 - The Dark Knight

#2 - Wall-E

#1 - Slumdog Millionaire

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lauren said...

Okay, I've seen Doubt...and I'm not sure about it! I thought the actors did really well, but the movie was a lot less intense than I had expected. I wonder if, to keep the audience in doubt, they had to lessen the amount you'd see into each character's mind, thereby lessening the degree to which I could empathize with them? I think that's how movies feel more intense to me.

But I did enjoy the way it was constructed...revealing both reasons for and against trusting each of the main characters. I thought the conclusion was very powerful, too. All in all...I think I'd discover more to enjoy about it with more conversation about it. It was so muted and careful that I wasn't as easily impressed as I anticipated. I'm curious to hear your thoughts!