Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 Random Things About Me:

Because EVERYONE is doing it...

1. I hate talking on the phone. I text message.

2. When I was a kid I drew pictures of me and my friends as NBA stars. I was number 32 and played strong forward for the New York Knicks. I averaged 44.5 points per game, yet led the league in assists.

3. Three things scare me more than anything else:
a) Car wrecks
b) Sea creatures
c) Statues of oversized men

4. One of my dreams has always been to work at Disneyland.

5. I won a city-wide contest in 1st grade for drawing a caricature of George Bush, Sr.

6. I once ran an entire race at a junior high track meet in my boxer briefs.

7. On my first trip to Africa my dad and I were almost robbed in the middle of the night, but the Malaria pills I was taking made me have weird dreams and I woke up and scared the burglar off.

8. I have a guaranteed foolproof way to pick up chicks called "The Hale Method" and I have thought of writing a book about it.

9. I cry about anything remotely sentimental.

10. I'm a little obsessed with my dog, Peabody.

11. I love anything involving zombies, ghosts, or monsters.

12. I hate math and I used to have nightmares about numbers.

13. When I was little, I used to go hunting with my dad and, instead of paying any attention to what was going on around me, I walked behind him and stepped in every one of his footprints.

14. I will watch any movie or documentary about Africa.

15. When I was a kid, I wanted to be Indiana Jones, Huckleberry Finn, or Bilbo Baggins. Well, I still want to be Indiana Jones.

16. I'm really picky when it comes to music (even my own) and I throw away 90% of the songs I write.

17. Clothes never fit me right.

18. I once rode my bike while wearing my clothes backwards and listening to a Kriss Kross tape on my walkman. It was very uncomfortable, and I will never understand why those kids wore their clothes backwards.

19. When I was a kid, I choked on a hot dog for like a minute, and my sister and cousins all just stared at me, watching it happen, until I coughed it up.

20. I could eat Phad Thai for every meal.

21. In third grade, I liked this girl (Amy), but she was "going out with" Derek. I gave her a letter that I wrote (on a garfield card), pretending to be Derek, breaking up with her. I actually wrote in the letter that she should go out with me instead. She knew pretty quick that I wrote it, but I still denied it. I was in love with that girl all the way through elementary and junior high school.

22. I didn't start shaving my face until after high school, and I still only need to once every three weeks.

23. I used to collect Marvel comic books and NBA trading cards.

24. I was voted "best personality" and "easiest to fall in love with" by my senior class.

25. I thought about moving to New York and auditioning for SNL once.


Amanda Boyd said...

I already knew several of the strangest of these obscure facts, which I think is a testament to our friendship.

Mary Beth said...

i need you to teach me the hale method asap!
i have a crush on a guy in marketing called jonny big guns and i dont know what to do about it.

:: shanda hasse :: said...

I am so glad Heather fell victim to "The Hale Method"!!! You are a perdy cool feller. It's a good thing you won't have to use it again! Just consult people like MB with it! haha!