Monday, September 24, 2007

Clouds Taste Metallic.

So, this past weekend was really great.

Friday night I got to hang with some friends I haven't seen in a while. Heather and I went to see Sounds Under Radio play at the Beaumont Club. I haven't seen those guys in a while, and I've never seen 'em play. So that was fun.

Saturday was a good day, too. Heather and I went to Succotash, as usual. Then we hit up Costco, and I spent a ton. I bought more hummus than I know what to do with. I've eaten it for every meal since. Ha! Then, we went to at&t to see how we could set up a phone plan on Heather's account for me. It looks like my number will be changing soon!

The best part of the weekend was this...

We took Wonder out Saturday afternoon, and I said "Hey! Let's take her for a little walk!"
While on the walk we saw a really sweet over/under duplex that was for rent. I started to type the phone number in my phone to save it for later, and as I was doing so the owner came out and invited us in to check it out.

This place is amazing.

It's 2400 square feet.
Hard wood floors.
3 bedrooms.
2 full baths.
Huge screened-in porch.
Heat, water and cable all paid!
Quite a deal!

We are looking into Heather moving in soon and me later (you know, after we get married). Ha!

Saturday night, we went to see the New Frontiers play. They didn't disappoint, as usual. It was great to see them, too. Haven't seen em in a while. They're good guys.

Yesterday, I taught Sunday School and then took a nap.

We went to see "Good Luck Chuck" last night. Eh.
Movies are getting raunchier all the time. Makes me sad.

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