Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Headless See-Thru Man.

I have currently been working on some new illustrations that I'm quite proud of.

There are some recurring characters in these illustrations.

One is a headless see-thru man wearing briefs and socks, who wanders around forests and tries to scare people.
And another is a masked superhero skeleton who shoots lightning bolts from his gloved hands.

I haven't had time to scan them, but when I do you will get to see them!

I don't have names for the characters just yet either. Got a lot of work to do!

So, anyway, this past weekend was loads of fun. My parents came into town to hang out with me and Heather. My dad had never spent any amount of quality time with her yet, so it was really good.

I'm assuming they thought pretty highly of her because when my mom got home the first thing she did was order Heather a Christmas stocking! Ha!

Either way, it was an amazing time!

Last night I played a show at The Brick here in KC. The show went pretty well, I suppose. Didn't sell any merch, but what else is new? I opened for a band from Austin...AM Syndicate. Was fun.

Thanks to Joshy and Johnny Mac for attempting to sell merch last night. You guys are troopers! I have some great supportive friends here. Thanks to everyone who showed up... even though Josh is probably the only person who reads this... Ha!


Josh said...

lol. maybe.

Josh said...

still had a great time. as always.