Monday, September 10, 2007

Is this a book club?

A guy just called into my work to ask if we were a book club. Hmm...



This past weekend was fun. Heather and I went to see "Shoot 'Em Up" on Friday. This movie was absurd. It was absolutely ridiculous. I loved it! The title for the movie was dead on. It was every macho, barbaric man's kind of flick. Clive Owen's character (Mr Smith) was the typical insensitive, emotionless hero that every man loves. He hated guns, but he was still a badass with them. Tons of over-the-top action scenes with 80's hair metal as the soundtrack, every line a quotable one-liner, and Paul Giamati was easy to hate. If you're a man, you'll like it.

Saturday we had breakfast with Josh at Succotash again. I love that place. Then I sat around at my apartment and watched episodes of "Lost" by myself until John came home and we played some Goldeneye on N64. I'm convinced that there will never be a better video game than that one. Then Saturday night, Heather and I hung out and ate Chick-fil-A and rented a movie that didn't work in her DVD player, so we didn't get to watch it after all. I recently joined the Blockbuster Total Access thing. I think it was probably a smart move. They are sending me "The Devil and Daniel Johnston" as my next movie, and my queue is filled with tons of zombie movies. I'm excited.

Sunday, I helped teach the 1st graders Sunday school class at church. I totally bonded with the pastor's son. We drew pictures for each other. Cute kid. After church, Heather and I ate at PeiWei and then we went and looked at a house down the street from my apartment. We have been talking about buying a house when/if we get married. The house was really nice. 3 stories PLUS a basement, 4 bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms all for under $200,000! Not that we could even afford that right now. Not bad. We just looked for fun.

Last night we went on a triple date and watched "3:10 to Yuma" with Dylan and Emilee and Emilee's sister and brother-in-law. This movie was fantastic! I highly recommend it. Great cast and great characters. You love the good guys and hate the bad guys. Russell Crowe doesn't disappoint, as usual. Go see it
Well...another week of weird, late work hours.

My parents are coming this weekend!! I can't wait!


Josh said...

i'm jealious.

Josh said...

it sounds like you had a great weekend. you got to see 2 awesome movies, went on a date (could use a nice one of those), etc.