Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Lou.

Heather and I went to St. Louis over the weekend.

We had a freakin' blast!

I wish I could post pictures up right now, but we haven't uploaded them onto the web just yet. I will come back and update.

We did everything we could have done in the Lou (as I've heard it called recently, and have adopted as my own) to make a radass trip!

We visited the Gateway Arch (which we will now lovingly refer to as "The Monch"), the City Museum (like heaven for kids with wild imaginations), the Science Center (which thankfully turned out to be a completely free experience- and worth every penny), Union Station (lame), The Hill, and the Hilton St. Louis at the ballpark Hotel (which I'm pretty sure you can see in the picture above and had a view like no other)!

You missed out. But you weren't invited anyway, sucker!

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Josh said...

wow! i thought u pulled that picture off the internet it's so perfect.