Tuesday, September 4, 2007


So, last night I had a strange dream.

I had a handgun. It was loaded.

I was outside my girlfriend's apartment and I had this gun with no idea how to unload it. I didn't want there to be bullets in the gun, so I tried thinking of ways to shoot off the gun without the cops being called out for gunshots being fired. I tried shooting it at the ground at point blank range. It didn't work.

Heather took the gun and I was so scared that she wasn't going to know there were bullets and hurt herself.

Then, I woke up and I had a disturbing text message from Brian.

Turns out Christy's (Brian's fiance) brother commited suicide last night. He shot himself. (although now, I'm hearing it could have been an accident)

I haven't been able to shake it today. It's terrible.

He was 23 years old. His girlfriend was in the other room. He died in the hospital a while later. His parents were present when he passed.

I can't imagine.

Please keep the Wilsons in your prayers:

Owen Wilson's family
Nathan Wilson's family.

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